21st January Update

The new term has begun and already UKC AntiCuts has been very busy. I’ll attempt to cover all that has occurred so far.

  • On Wednesday 19th a meeting was held which was attended by around fifty students, staff and supporters. There is a presentation which opened this meeting which can be found on the documents page
  • According to a letter by Professor Keith Mander (Pro Vice-Chancellor) the judge has directed that names were added to the court papers as defendants, so they picked three names they apparently knew through the media: Alan, Alex and Jules are now defendants alongside Persons Unknown. The University has the right to charge Alan, Alex and Jules with £23000 at any point over the next 12 months. We were able to talk to Keith Mander about this, however, and he has promised to put in writing the assurance that the University will not do this
  • Yesterday a motion was formed for Union Council which called for supporting the London and Manchester demonstrations on the 29th January as well as the National Student Assembly on the 30th.
  • Work is being done with the Student Union to ensure that the education assembly on the 30th January is a success and that UKC students know about it as well as the march on the day before (Transport details are being compiled and we are looking into the logistics of putting some coaches on)

Further to this we have managed to get a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor and some other members of the administration along with some members of the student union on the 24th January. This will hopefully be the start of coordinating with the university to fight the education reforms

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