Bail In

Today, Saturday 19th December, activists across the country participated in UK Uncut’s call to peaceful direct action against what it sees as corporate irresponsibility, in this occasion in the form of Barclays bank.

UKC Anti Cuts, along with students from other universities in Canterbury, local residents including a mother with her two children, occupied a space in Barclays Canterbury branch and turned it into a library.

Our action was simple, direct and peaceful and we received cooperation from the employees and police officers as we remained for an hour and a half in an attempt to highlight tax avoidance and the lack of a tough taxation structure to deal with banks.

We received positive feedback for our actions from those passing by as well as from some of the people in the bank for transactions.

Our action (the librarytisation of their space) is to emphasise the fact that while so much money is going in the wrong direction with corporations, the public sector is being destroyed by cuts. With news last night that Barclay’s had managed to pay only 113 million (1% of profits) in corporation tax in 2009 when it had paid out 3.5 billion in bonuses the protest was extremely relevant.

Watch this space for further action

Alex Stephenson

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