Bail In – Natwest 26th February

Last week an event was held as part of UK Uncut’s day of action against Barclay’s in the Canterbury high street branch by students and residents collectively. Coverage was featured for this event in both Canterbury Times and through KMFM and Kentish Gazette. Once again we are extending an invitation to everybody who wishes to get involved for an event against Natwest this Saturday the 26th February. Peaceful activists will meet at 10.30 outside Cafe Rouge and approach the store at 10.40 and in tradition of the UK Uncut events will highlight the public sector cuts in the face of an economic crisis caused largely by the irresponsility of banks. It was greed and the recklessness of the banks that caused the economic crisis. Yet the government are making ordinary people pay the price. The theme for this event is the NHS so be creative.

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