Minutes of Meetings

UKC Anti-cuts Meeting summary – Tuesday 1st Febuary:

1) we can book Rutherford Senior Common room but because there is no disabled access, we can’t call for an open meeting there.
2) Demo against the EDL in Luton on Saturday- contact ukcanticuts@gmail.com for train times.
3) A room will be booked as an anti-cuts work space two days a week.
4) Email – individuals have been designated for checking our emails.
5) Blog – individuals have been designated update our blog.
6) We can provide suggestions for the Fund our Future Campaign to Lauren Crowley or Helen Wood.
7) We will have a stall out tomorrow
8) Go green week will have Samba with the message: ‘Cut Carbon Not Education’.
9) On 26th of Feb. there will be a protest against cuts in Canterbury.
10) There is a meeting tomorrow for Canterbury and Whitstable anti-cuts.
11) A motion regarding accountability of Union rep and a vote of no confidence for Aaron Porter is under preperation
12) A meeting will be held tomorrow to plan another teach-in with staff.
13) There is a campaign to get people to mark their religion as ‘anti-cuts’ on the upcoming census.


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